Daily Reflections

“When I finally get all the answers...all the questions have changed”⠀

-The Toltec Oracle ⠀


I’ve been struggling lately to keep up with the pace and faith of my own inner guidance and the external pressures from the world around me. ⠀

I feel the state of human consciousness and the state of the physical world is at the crossroads of a major shift- one of way of being.⠀

And while it can seem like the choice is only left or right- I’m reminded that that is an illusion, and even more so a defensive mechanism of the mind that can’t tolerate a third a way: a way without maps or predictions of what might appear or disappear if we just let go.

I’m also reminded that, human fear of loss of control or threat to external or internal safety feeds on there only being a “right way” and a “wrong way”.⠀

I reject that option. In my heart, I know it’s not only divisive, but at its worst it disconnects us from our greater truth, which is a wholeness in everything that exists, despite our feelings about something or the pain it might it bring. I’m reminded all things in our wholeness serve as a part of us, all which need love to transform our experience into one of healing and peace. ⠀

I’m filled with gratitude, peace and a tearful eye, as this remembering comes to me on the wings of spirit after reading the words from a dear friend, mentor, and teacher. His words elevate the spirit that resides within all of us: ⠀

“The spirit is with you at all times and everything that the spirit tells you, show you, teaches you, implants in you and guide you... is for you to use, to share, to pass it on and to heal yourself and other ... When the spirit reach out to you, does not look if you are a child, young, old, well behaved, rich or poor, connected or not... The spirit just wants to express itself trough you and you are invited to pass it on with your own worlds filled with your own emotions, love, care and compassion...yes you might be confronted, contradicted, critizise and more but you will know that is also your healing, your love, your appreciation and gratitude.” ⠀


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