Private Yoga Sessions

Kayla recieved her primary Yoga training in Raja Yoga through the Ananda Yoga Community.  She received an additional Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training through the divinely guided teachings of Mystical Mama Yoga. 

Experience an expanded awareness of yourself through consciousness body and breath movement. 



Kayla is a certified Yoga Teacher and Pre-natal Yoga Teacher. She offers unique private yoga sessions for the client. If you have been curious or interested in trying Yoga but intimated to attend a full class this is an excellent option to get personalized attention and instruction to help you develop your own at-home Yoga Practice. 


Kayla will assess your intentions and desires for practicing Yoga and then assist you in creating a practice that is unique to your physical, emotional and spiritual needs and growths. These sessions may also include the use of meditations, shamanic drumming, energy healing and crystals and more as Kayla feels called. 

Due to Covid regulations, all services are provided virtually through zoom. 



$40 per 1hr 

Limited income option:

$20 per 1hr