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In addition to energy healing Kayla also teaches Raja Yoga classes at Inner Alchemy in West Seattle on Sunday evenings. Class details are listed below.  

Come experience an expanded awareness of yourself through consciousness body and breath movement. 

Class Descriptions: 

Raja Yoga:


Raja yoga or “Royal” yoga is the Yoga of self-realization or union with the “true self”. Yogananda, one of the first Yogis to bring Yoga practices to the west, said that “the future of all religion would be self-realization”. Raja yoga practices awaken us to our highest inner potential of meeting our "true self".   


Raja Yoga cultivates a deeper self-awareness through inward centered practices that combine traditional Hatha Yoga poses with meditation and gentle pranayama. These practices direct the flow of energy or “prana” inwards for deeper relaxation, inner peace, and connection to the higher self!


Raja Yoga emphasizes the main purpose of the Yoga postures which is to still and prepare the body and mind for meditation to enter into union with the true self. In this place, we can find greater clarity, awareness and inner peace. In this way, it is truly a practice for everybody, honoring all skill levels and focusing on the relationship between the mind, body, and breath as the ultimate goal.

Class Schedule: 

Every 4th Sunday from 7:30pm-8:30pm At Inner Alchemy in West Seattle 


$18 drop-in class 

Mats available at limited quanity, recommend bringing your own and a Meditation pillow

Tickets on Eventbrite : search Raja Yoga Seattle or click here