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Full Moon and New Moon Shamanic Drumming Circles

Time & Location

Date and Time TBD according the moon cycles

About the Event

Both the full and new moon are times of enhanced energies where the veil between the spiritual and the physical worlds are often more permeable. These times are divinely generated from Earth Mother so that we may open ourselves up to her magnified flow of energy and more easily access communication to her and the Great Spirit within and all around.

Shamanic drumming is a practice of using the beat of the drum to access a subconsciousness state of awareness, where one can more easily shift to the in-between worlds and Spiritual energies that surround us. In this state, we can divine and intuit our own messages from Spirit, our guides, light beings, ancestors and higher selves with the intention for learning to live in more wholeness, harmony and love for all our relations.

Participants are invited to bring their own magical instruments to the circle (drums, rattles, ect.) as they feel called to contribute to the sacred dance of sound. (In this virtual gathering, all participants will be muted during the drumming to limit the distraction for those wanting to focus on just the beat of the drum and guided mediation).

These circles may include simple ritual as Kayla feels called during each moon cycle.

Event is Free to attend 

Suggested donation: $15 

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