What is Crystal Healing?

Crystals are living beings. Their energetic fields emit a vibrating pulse much like our own and with an open heart and mind, it can be felt or sensed. Each crystal vibrates to a certain frequency based on its internal molecular structure. These frequencies can be felt as love, peace, creativity, groundedness, manifestation and more. The internal structure of the crystal is what commonly influences its healing properties. For example, isometric or cubic gemstones, are known to be very good for grounding and stabilizing energy.  

How do they assist healing? 


When our own energetic fields interact with those of crystals, we are able to attune ourselves to their frequency effectively raising our own. This raising of our own vibrational frequency is what stimulates healing. Crystals also have the ability to activate or clear our chakras and enhance their vibrancy. Many crystals have the ability to bring a calming and soothing effect that enhances our meditative or sleep state, placing ourselves in a deeper relaxation for optimal rejuvenation and homeostasis.  

What does a healing session with Crystals look like? 

Using crystals in a healing session can look many different ways. The practitioner may lay crystals on the client's body (body gridding) in an intentional arrangement for whole body cleansing, chakra balancing, and other physical healing. Crystals can also be held in the clients' hands to integrate the specific healing properties of the gemstone. The practitioner may also use crystals as a divination tool to assess the clients' energy field and determine where the healing is needed most at that time.   

The ways in which crystals can be used to heal are limitless and will largely be determined based on a unique set of skills by the practitioner using them. 

Kayla has been working with crystals to aid in spiritual development and healing for several years. She is also training as a Crystal Healer Master, and frequently uses them in energy healing sessions when she feels called.


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