What is Polarity Therapy?

Polarity Therapy is a holistic system of treatment designed to balance the body’s energy by combining touch (bodywork), exercise, nutrition, and self-awareness. Polarity Therapy is energy healing. While many modalities focus on just one energetic body system, Polarity therapy works on many different energy systems at once to achieve complete restoration of balance and health. Polarity is a comprehensive approach to increasing the flow of vital energy that is responsible for maintaining vitality and harmony. This increases the range of possible healing on the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual levels. 


When one or more of the body’s energetic pathways become blocked they begin to manifest as symptoms of illness and disease. Polarity therapy invites you to look at the physical and emotional symptoms that you may be experiencing as manifestations of blocked energy and that once removed can lead to a greater sense of health and well-being.


When the vital energy is able to flow freely one feels more aligned with their sense of purpose. This leads to enhanced self-awareness and lifestyle choices that better support health and happiness.


What to expect during a session  


The practitioner will begin with a brief consultation to determine the client’s intention for choosing Polarity. The remainder of the session will be focused on the bodywork but may also include exploring the relationship between the mental and emotional patterns that can obstruct the flow of energy and create pain or illness. 


The client will rest comfortably on the treatment table to receive the bodywork. The practitioner will place their hands on various locations of the client’s body and apply different types of touch ranging from mild to moderate pressure. These types of touch are referred to as manipulations. Each manipulation will then be held for as long as needed to balance the body’s energy. 


Polarity Therapy can provide positive results for anyone no matter their current state of health.


Occasionally profound healing may take place that can lead to significant emotional releases and relief of physical pain.


Common benefits include: 


*Deep relaxation and greater mental clarity 

*Improved sleep 

*Relief from stress and anxiety

*Enhanced immunity and response to disease/illness

*Increased life force energy and a greater sense of well-being

*Enhanced circulation and detoxification 

*Ease from chronic pain and greater range of motion

*Improved self-awareness

*And much more! 

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