Sacred Healings

With Kayla Gomez 

RN-BSN, RYT200, Certified Energy Healing Practitioner

Kayla Gomez is a light worker, intuitive energy healer, Yoga instructor, crystal intuitive and nurse-midwife in training. Kayla draws on her experience and teachings within many different healing traditions (yoga, energy healing, tarot/oracle, crystals, akashic records, shamanic practices and more) to combine personal readings and energetic healings unique to the individual. 






A message from Kayla: 

As a woman of an ancestral past linked to indigenous roots and lost traditions, I am passionate about accessibility to Spiritual practices. I believe that we are not only in the midst of political and material world crises but also a crisis of the individual Spirit and our present disconnection to the earth and each other as one. This remembering is essential in order to move into a world of higher consciousness and harmonious living. 


This is the reason you will find limited income and donation options for services. 


While Spiritual practices live within us and require nothing more than our cellular remembering and dedication to living in relationship with them—many have forgotten and lack access to teachers and resources for remembering. While the monetary exchange for services is an important energetic law for reciprocity, so to is the replenishing of the abundance that has been given. I believe in living in Right Relationship with all that I hold sacred and I believe that Spiritual Practices should not be bound by monetary accessibility. When one has the freedom and space to contribute financially, one should see this as an opportunity for reciprocity. 

However, life meets each of us at different points in our journey, and when finances are an obstacle, I do not believe in allowing it to withhold access to our Spiritual health. The most essential service I strive to offer is the remembering that Spirit lives within and requires no one but yourself to access it. While teachers and tools are helpful, the only essential tool to begin your journey inwards is your heart. There is a wealth of free information available now (some of which I strive to provide) and guidance from an experienced practitioner can be life-changing but will appear when your time and energy aligns to commit. And as your consciousness shifts, your life will shift around you- creating more opportunity and bounty to manifest. 


Assess your needs and your capabilities honestly and authentically. Allow yourself to make the financial decision that best reflects your current state when choosing your services and decision to give. 


I believe that following a life of purpose and connection to the Universe will unfold prosperity and abundance, and my purpose is to teach and heal with love, should you feel called to support financially my work, the energetic wheel will continue to spin within yourself. 


Namaste, in infinite gratitude and love <3 


"The soul always knows what to do to heal itself, the challenge is to silence the mind" - Carolyn Myss


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Kayla Gomez, RN-BC-PMHN 

Certified Energy Healing Practitioner

Polarity Practitioner 

RYT 200 

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