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Polarity Therapy

Energy healing for body, mind & spirit 


Polarity Therapy is a gentle and healing modality that is designed to balance the energetic body. Through different hands-on techniques, the practitioner can stimulate and increase the flow of life force energy to improve the state of health and well-being in the individual. 

Surrounding and encasing our physical bodies is the energetic body, also known as your aura or chakras. Much like the complexity of the physical body, the energetic body is also complex with many other channels of flowing energy each interacting with one another. The energetic body can further be categorized into different qualities governing different physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual aspects. When one or more of these energy pathways become blocked they begin to manifest as symptoms of illness and disease. 

Many people wait to seek medical attention until their emotional and physical bodies are already breaking down. Polarity Therapy can provide healing for any individual no matter their current state of health. When the energy is flowing freely one feels more aligned with their sense of purpose and more easily manages life challenges and engages in relationships and lifestyle choices that support their health and happiness.  

Common benefits include: 

*Deep relaxation and greater mental clarity 

*Improved sleep 

*Relief from stress and anxiety

*Enhanced immunity and response to disease/illness

*Increased physical vitality and a greater sense of well-being

*Enhanced circulation and detoxification 

*Ease from chronic pain and greater range of motion

*Improved self-awareness

*And much more! 


"The soul always knows what to do to heal itself, the challenge is to silence the mind" - Carolyn Myss



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Kayla Gomez, RN-BC-PMHN 

Certified Energy Healing Practitioner

Polarity Practitioner 

RYT 200